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The human mind is one of the most baffling human organs, and with logical and innovative advancement, researchers can uncover a large number of its privileged insights.

1- Humans use 10% of their brains ... false information

One of the common information about the brain is that a person uses only 10% of his brain’s capabilities, but this is baseless. It has been shown that the brain contains many areas responsible for different functions in the body, but the human does not use it at the same time, but rather it is activated to varying degrees depending on the type of function, which means that all areas of the human brain are active.

2- The nature of intelligence is unknown

A person may sound smart while wearing glasses and reading a book, but the brain is actually a more complex mechanism. Sometimes, scientists do not rely on the size of the brain to determine the level of intelligence, but rather on the synapses that improve the connections between neurons. These strong networks in specific regions of the brain allow cells to interact more effectively with each other

3- Social interaction is beneficial to the brain

If you want the mind to remain active as you age, you must acquire new knowledge. According to research, social activity supports and improves brain function over time.

4- Smart people focus on small details

In one scientific experiment, strange results were revealed, where it was found that people with a high IQ are able to detect small movements on a computer screen better than others, while the movements of large bodies arouse the interest of intellectuals.

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5- Some areas of the brain remain active during sleep

Some believe that the brain is resting during sleep, but in fact it continues to work, as the cerebral cortex that controls thinking remains active, along with the somatosensory cortex that allows you to feel what surrounds you

6- Some skills help to enhance brain function

Brainstorming and puzzles have proven effective in training the brain, and can focus on broader skills.

And when it comes to age-related cognitive decline, some methods can be used to increase intellectual capabilities and skills, such as learning a foreign language, or learning to play

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