Feel Depressed ? You're actually happier than you think !

Depression nowadays is a trend in our societies, especially between young people and teenagers.

However, the depressed person doesn't find anymore any reason to keep living in this world and rejects everything which could make him happy, because simply he likes the situation of being depressed and his mind refuses any new change, why?

Because dear reader, you should know that nothing is easier than pretending or being depressed because you don't do anything, you keep relaxing, sleeping and sitting, there is no hard work, no hope, and no efforts... that's why the mind naturally prefers this situation...

But most people with depression don't know that's an easy time-limited, problem and it is not a difficult psychological illness. however, the industry of medicines and doctors try to emphasize this issue to earn more, sell more medicines, and get more doctor consultations.

The solution

In the title, I've mentioned that you're happier and energized than you think, which is totally true. Cuz you have many things that you don't really appreciate and that you don't know their real value, for example, if you have a home, you should know than millions of homeless people with only a tiny room to live, and they will fell then a huge amount of happiness... and If you have a car, a job, a wife, a parent ..... Know that many people don't have these gifts, and you are special to have all that you have.

From now on, learn how to connect with your properties, your money, and your stuff. Build the bridge of happiness between you and them, by creating more communications and strengthening the connection with them.

The biggest happiness in this world could be found on a tiny flower in the morning, or in the small insect, you may found on the ground...

which means you don't really need a lot of money or properties to feel happy and unlock your full confidence!

I've written this article by myself after recovering from depression, After realizing that the thing didn't really deserve what I gave it (like attention or importance...).

I would finally describe depression in one word: it is an illusion or a trap, made by our societies to control us, make us feel guilty, and deprive us of our full achievements...

Now open your eyes and make more efforts after reading this to discover your new self, find your self on your own, don't google yourself! 

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