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General knowledge

General knowledge contributes to shaping the original features of peoples' cultural history; Therefore, the concept of culture has become an important subject that constitutes a basic subject for literary, social, and linguistic studies. 

General culture is considered a type of knowledge whose definitions and concepts are varied, some of these definitions are clear and simple, while others appear complex and difficult, and this has led to culture becoming an important part of human life.

📌Here you are in this article a list of different information about several fields, in order to build your general knowledge and culture!


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The moon continues to move away from Earth by a small percentage that can be measured every year.

The town of Calama, which is located in Chile specifically in the Atacama Desert, has never been rained.

Astronauts cannot cry; Due to the lack of Gravity; This prevents tears from flowing.

Recycling a jar made of glass contributes to providing energy to the television for a period of three hours.

There are no reptiles or alive snakes living in the continent of Antarctica.

The lightning strikes the globe a hundred times every second of time


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 That the famous Mona Lisa painting by Da Vinci was stolen in 1912 AD from the Louvre, and six copies of it were sold identical to the original before being returned again.

 The biggest statue made of copper in the globe is the Liberty Statue in the USA.

The largest world statue of horses is Zizkov located in Prague.

 The largest statue in the world is located on Mount Rushmore, which forms the heads of four presidents of the United States of America; They are Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

 The US state of New Jersey has a museum of spoons; It contains more than 5,400 spoons obtained from other states


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The first animal that has gone to space by ship is the Dog: Laila .

The first indication of the use of soap is found on the Sumerian clay tablets dating back approximately 2500 BC.

 Britain was the first country to issue postage stamps in 1840; Therefore, its postage stamps are the only ones worldwide that do not include the country of origin.

 The Giza Great Pyramid still exists as one of the 7 Wonders in the Ancient World.

General information

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The North Korean Internet contains only 28 websites.

The giraffe does not belong to only one family but is divided into four types.

That pigeons can distinguish between real and unreal words.

 Turmeric (a type of spice) helps reduce the chance of developing dementia.

The adult human body contains about 206 bones.

 Human brain cells are the longest living cells. Where it survives until the death of a person.

 Throwing a ball of ice quickly enough will cause it to evaporate completely when it hits a brick wall.

 About 50% of the world's population has not received or sent any calls using the phone.

The first Fax was patented in 1843 CE


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The only kind of food that never expires no matter how long you keep it is Honey!

The second popular fruit in the world is Bananas, and the first is tomatoes.

Carrots do not contain fat.

That tea was discovered by chance in the year 2737 BC in China.

Water makes up 97% of watermelon and lettuce, 95% of tomatoes, 90% of carrots, and 30% of bread.

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