How To Be More Confident On Phone Calls !?


While some of us have self-esteem / self-confidence problems, some of us can express themselves with a full amount of confidence without any problem... However, these people face some fear and some problems while speaking on the phone, recording Audios on Whatsapp / Facebook or making an important Phone Call.

And in today's article, we'll try to give you the best 5 tips to improve your performance on phone calls, as we'll try to keep it simple and short, since our group don't really care about SEO , Ads or making the article longer to rank better on google. Because our goal before everything is to help you!

So, let's get started, and before this remember that results depend on practicing not only about reading and discovering facts!

Tip  #1 : Practice alone with yourself!

That's it, because this skill requires practicing alone without waiting for a formal call.

Try to pretend to talk to your boss / friend and focus on your mistakes, in order to correct them

Tip  #2 : Use the Mirror!

At the beginning of your trip to improve this skill, try to bring a mirror in front of you while making the call!

 This will give you an image of how you talk and you struggle to pronounce the words and to see what the weak points you have.

Tip #3 : Ask Your friend For Help!

If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or even if you are single - like me - , and have a trusted friend, this could be so much helpful... 

In your leisure time, try to ask him to make longer calls or to help you practice this skill, I'm sure he won't deny accepting this favor !

Tip  #4 : Don't forget about your voice !

Many shy and weak people ignore The fact that strong personalities with high confidence are known from their voice, we are talking here about how deep is it , how stable, balanced and fast or slow it is ... 

which means : it is the same thing in public speaking , you should control your words' speed, tune, tonation... You know !

Tip #5 : Prepare what you'll say each time 

To be honest with you, don't expect to increase your confidence in phone calls while you do not know what you'll say in the call with your boss / babe / parent... 

And there is a reason why did I put this piece of advice at the end : it is the fact that when you prepare what you'll say, you look more confident and you avoid the risk of forgetting the essential thigs you wnated to say...

I'm not saying you should write the whole script or everything you'll say ... But instead, try only to write the headers (essential points) you want to say...

So , we've finished our tips, I hope from the bottom of my heart that at least one of those tips could help you!

Please Leave a comment below and share with us your experience, to help other people !

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