All The Successful Ones Suffer From This Before Death !

Many successful people ( including businessmen, millionaires , athletes champions, beauty queens and more...  ) always end up their careers with saying one sentence which resumes their whole experience,  far away from TV shows, media or press...

 This phrase is spoken from the bottom of their heart and has the same meaning and point all over the world, yet... the used words and expressions could vary and be different  from a man to another, but at the end of the stage they expressed the same thing!

In today's article, we'll try to discuss this deep strange phrase, and generate some lessons from it , as we always try to follow success and successful people in order to be like them , or maybe better.

This Famous Phrase is  :

I'm extremely Happy and Proud from all what I've achieved, it gives an amazing feeling and it's hard to do it. But, the thing didn't really worth it , it didn't really deserve all That ! 

But Whyyyyy !

Like many people after hearing this weird impression after years of success and achievement, I was shocked to know that those people think They didn't really do the right thing, or at least the thing which deserves their effort k, time , money and intention! 

However, after a long period of thinking about it and discussing it with successful and unsuccessful people , I've released that this phrase is totally true , as it is coming from the heart of those who said it....


Imagine with me this situation : You've just bought a brand-new car, and take the road to a specific city, but, after two hours of driving , you realize that you've reached your city 30 minutes ago , and you've made an additional 60 km faraway from the city....

How will you feel then, It's obviously a mixture of bad feelings including  heartbreak, sigh,  sadness , guilt , regret and dissatisfaction ... You feel this way , in spite of the new condition of the car , and the fast 30 minutes that you can go back ...

Now, imagine with me How you'll feel after a life of 50 or 70 years , when you realize at the last minutes that you've taken the wrong life , not only , the wrong road , or wrong wife / husband... But, it's about a whole LIFE !

If you would like to see some real-life examples, just look for the last words of each successful person you see, then you'll trust this phrase more. And this lesson is the same with Steve Jobs , in his death-bed, when he realized that earning money more and more was not worth that long journey, the only purpose behind making more money was just to make more money and double your bank-account digits.

The same mistakes are repeated each time and everywhere between those hustlers, and as a conclusion to our topic , we'll try to give some lessons , in order to avoid falling in the same trap, and make our lives worth living:

  • Always Follow your passion, not other's passions.

  • Build your life depending on your values and your own standards.

  • Do things that you like , no matter how much you earn , what they say or what your partner prefers.

  • Finally, Try to understand yourself more , and analyze your real goals , intentions and things that fascinate you.

  • After finding what you like and would like to practice , don't hesitate to do it, even if it requires making a sacrifice (breaking-up , quitting a job , giving-up a habit...) because the risk now could be big , but definitely , the risk later and the regret is bigger.

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