Ethics of Knowledge: A value developing individuals & societies

It is true that all developed societies or countries are those who give more interest to knowledge, science, and research. However, in today's article: we'll discover together how could knowledge develop individuals' skills and optimize society's conditions.


So to begin with, we must shed the lights on the idea of dealing with knowledge,  which means each one of us has multiple potentials within him, has his own talents and knowledge, so the point that matters here is the way how he sees his gifts, how he behaves toward them and what he'll achieve with them.

In order to clarify the idea for you, let's take these examples:

The first person was a creative painter who published his drawings in which he participated in several competitions, and they were beautiful with colors that reflected joy... However, we find him always saying " I don’t know why I’m not always so lucky, my efforts were not appreciated, my work was in vain! "

And another example was a serious hard-working student who graduated and did not get a job in government departments, so his reaction was to say: "The fatigue of those years has gone without any benefit !!".

These are two scenes and examples of reality in bad dealing with knowledge and talents, ff we ponder a little about the reactions that were issued and the words they used; We'll find that there is an unhealthy culture that has been adopted by these two models, which represent not a small segment of society.. A culture in which knowledge and talent have lost their intrinsic value within us. 

we've made it into a framework of material values, that frame through which we see that the value is in the amount of material benefit, fame, and acceptance from the other! This made the owners not achieve any fruit from their knowledge, even the material ones!

This short example teaches us finally, that no matter how gifted/talented/intellectual/educated... What really makes difference and let you achieve big things is your perspective and opinion toward them 

And science, for example, has a subjective value, meaning that the mere acquisition of knowledge, and our acquisition of this knowledge, is a benefit that is not a small one, but rather it is the supreme value and the origin of our learning goal. 

With it, a person's perceptions expand, and the learner becomes a fervent intellect, the more his knowledge increases, the more his ability to adapt and deal well with what is going on around him, and with those around him, and only if the value of acquiring knowledge is to obtain a work that brings us money only and only, and nothing else is useful. It is just tiring!! What difference does the ignorant from you, learner?

The issue does not differ in the issue of talents, for the talent of drawing that the artist finds the value of his art only in winning exhibitions and competitions, the praise of praise and fame, and so on, otherwise it is fatigue without benefit ?! Let him know that he did not know the value of his art and creativity to begin with; So he should not wait for others to know the value of his talent.

Because art is its value in that new angle that the artist believes that he has been able to express it with his talent, and in the moments of enjoyment that he lives with what he produced, and this is a supreme value that should not be overlooked or marginalized, rather what is important is that the talented is confident of what he offers, appreciates and respects his effort.


And his efforts to be respected and appreciated by others, so that he would not become frustrated and despair, and lose the motivation to continue and strive later.

Finally, the last secret key to the ethics of knowledge is the transit from knowing to doing / from knowledge and information to actions and practice, since abstract ideas and raw information are available anywhere nowadays and they represent almost anything without actions... 

Take some values for instance: (honesty/affection/ fidelity....) where quotes or advice about them don't mean anything since they are not valuable if you don't really have them!

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