Emotional Relationships Crisis | Why love's age became so short ?

It's not a simple thing to tell about love or write about love, but it is not complicated either. Looking at your social environment, you will find ready-made recipes for how to have a "love affair", and about "10 tips to maintain a warm marriage." Certainly, you must have passed through personalities who export themselves as specialists in this type of relationship, especially with what we live in our reality in a massive way of disintegration, fluidity, and fragility in human relationships, which mainly contributed to the spread of "capsules" dealing with the beloved, or getting rid of it !

love crisis emotioanl fragility

History is full of love and adoration stories. Perhaps because it is from history, it carries in its content an aura and splendor, and it is closer in summoning it to a state of "nostalgia", which is nostalgic for the past, where goodness and pure love. But nowadays things are so different and love has built multiple relationships with materialities and money...

Love in a time of consumption :

When talking about human relations and their fragility in the current era, it seems essential to return to the ideas of the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, when he formulated in his book "Liquid Love" a social theory through which he explains the fragility of social relations and the superficiality of love in the current era, as he reviews, and with a focused analysis, How capitalism and market policies interfere with the choices of the individual that seem subjective in appearance, extend to prolong his social life, and raise the values ​​of individualism and narcissism according to the logic of pleasure and consumption. As the result, a large amount of waste, our lives hide inside.


In these atmospheres, which are based on relativism and fluidity, concepts are mixed. From here, Bauman demonstrates this confusion between the concept of love and desire, when he states: "Love by its very nature seeks to perpetuate desire, and desire, by its nature, escapes from the chains of love." Therefore, what is happening these days, and what is usually called love, is basically a form of satisfying the desires of the body like any consumption process, and it is mistakenly called love so that even one night of having sex is called "the exercise of love."

At the end of his speech to we can say that young people have become selfish, and the social, emotional, and intimate relationships have lost their sanctity by virtue of many things, the most important of which is the change in the form of society and its ties, from the extended family to the nuclear family, and from interconnectedness to liquidity in all Almost something. 

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There is another explanatory model for what happens from a psychological point of view, which is the constant feeling of anxiety as a result of many things, the most important of which is the loss of self-confidence, exposure to negative comments, and the quick and comfortable way to treat anxiety - which is an incorrect and unhealthy method - is avoidance or withdrawal.

 In front of a generation suffering from psychological fragility, anxiety, depression, openness to a liquid world, nuclear families, and a desire to be alone or withdraw as a result of a psychosocial illness, who does not value relationships and does not feel safe.

According to these complex factors, Bauman believes that the solution is no longer an individual choice. The whole scene needs a radical change. Capitalism and modernity have produced a person that suits them and that the state created them for them through educational tools on narcissistic and utilitarian thinking and deconstructed his relationships and ties structurally over centuries, and there was no left for those The moment is nothing but bodies.

this fragility in relationships often leads young people to isolation and self-expression first and foremost and adds: “What is the easiest unity; a solution to a problem or pressure. Most Arab youths suffer from chronic depression that is not diagnosed, and therefore It is not treated, and this depression is explained in terms that aim to make the situation more like a natural thing, and the outlook for the future is blurry and frightening, making every person cling to himself and only; Me and after the flood.

 These bodies become bored in the end, as they lead to a decrease in the ceiling of goals, and a diminution in the meaning of happiness, and as a person today thinks that the abundance of his relationships and experiences, one after the other, will increase his pleasure and experiences in love, and his attacks through those experiences But the end of the day will lead him to wander. He does not know what he wants, nor how to stand in the midst of this extreme fluidity, walking in an almost endless movement that resembles Zygmont Bauman's saying in the book the State of Crisis when he described the current era by saying,

 We know what we are fleeing from, but we don't  know where we are going

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