what are Hemorrhoids? Symptoms and treatments?

  Of course, we have all heard of hemorrhoids, and some people suffer continually from this disease, which is a common disease and causes great embarrassment. However, the way to prevent it is very easy and easier than you think, in order to prevent it develop with us.

That's why Today's topic is about hemorrhoids disease. What is it, its types, treatment and methods prevention.

butt pain hemorrhoids

Currently, unfortunately, many suffer from hemorrhoids and anal fissures..

Hemorrhoids are prominent, swollen (swollen) veins in the anus and in the lower part of the rectum.

It is formed as a result of exertion during the work of the intestines or as a result of severe pressure on these veins, as occurs during pregnancy, for example, or from lack of movement to help move the intestines, or from a diet poor in fiber and healthy fats that cause chronic constipation.

In the majority of people, an improvement in hemorrhoid symptoms occurs after using home remedies to treat hemorrhoids and changing the lifestyle.

Types of hemorrhoids ❇️

There are four types of hemorrhoids:

💠 External hemorrhoids: They are located on the anus, directly on the surface from which bowel movements come out, they are not always visible, but sometimes they are seen in the form of lumps on the surface of the anus.

📌 External hemorrhoids are not usually a serious medical problem.

💠 Internal hemorrhoids: They are usually found in the rectum, they cannot always be seen because they are too deep to be visible from the anus.

📌Internal hemorrhoids are not usually serious and tend to go away on their own.

💠 Prolapsed hemorrhoids: Prolapsed hemorrhoids appear when internal hemorrhoids swell and stick to the anus. Prolapsed hemorrhoids look like red, swollen lumps or bumps outside the anus. .

💠Thrombosed hemorrhoids:  A thrombosed hemorrhoid contains a blood clot (thrombosis) within the hemorrhoid tissue, which may appear as lumps or swelling around the anus.

Blood clots can occur in both internal and external hemorrhoids.

❇️ Symptoms of hemorrhoids ❇️

In the case of hemorrhoids, the following symptoms may appear:

 💠 Painless bleeding, sometimes during bowel work, a little bright red blood can be observed on the toilet paper or on the toilet bowl if it is accompanied by pain, it is an anal fissure.

Itching or irritation in the anus area.

Pain or discomfort

Visible and protruding hemorrhoids outside the anus.

Swelling (tumor) around the anus

A painful or tender lump near the anus.

Leakage (leaching) of stool.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids differ due to the different location of hemorrhoids:

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids ❇️

Symptoms of hemorrhoids inside the rectum are not visible but may be felt as transient pain in the rectal canal, but usually do not cause a feeling of discomfort. 


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