Loss of Passion !? Don't worry, Just Follow These Steps !

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"Loss of passion" or losing your desire to work in a specific field that has always been the reason for your happiness and creativity, is something that many people experience and ignore the reason for it!

We may all go through this stage, and if we do not deal with it, it may lead us to resign permanently in that field.

I went through this stage and my biggest fear was not to program again, so I wanted to share with you how I dealt with it:

🌸 Take a break

Stop doing everything for five days or even for a week, and in this period try to think (definitely in a positive way) and answer two questions "what do I want to do and why", this will help you to regain some enthusiasm in your field.

But remeber ! NEVER RESIGN 

🌸 Change your Habits

Try to change the old habits, and replace them with more beneficial ones, for example, if you stay up to solve some programming issues, replace them by waking up early and sleeping well at night, or for example if you always stay at home, try to go out a little even if for a walk for some time.

🌸Make a plan

After answering the previous questions, it will become clear to you a little the path that you have to take. Do not go back to your previous routine, but make a new plan and try again.

🌸Change your style

In most similar cases of losing interest in a specific field, the reason why is getting bored of how we do things... our brains can't find joy or amusement with the process of how we do things, therefore the motivation factor is missing!

So, the solution is to be more creative about how you do things and getting out of the comfort zone you've created to find new challenges.

💜 Finally, you should remember that it's okay if your steps are small, the important thing is to never walk backward or to stop!

Have you ever gone through a similar phase?! Share with us your experience

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