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In today's article, we'll try to answer a common leadership and management case study, about Laura's non-profit organization, which is facing problems of team motivation as well as leadership issues. So first we'll give you the link to read the case, analyze it, and then try to answer it alone.

And then, you'll find our own subject interpretation and answer, hope you like it!

The purpose of this case study is to help you improve your leadership and management skills and then, succeed in your professional life and your personal life as well!


Click HERE to consult the webpage of the leadershio case.

Our Reflexion :

Having a leadership position or managing a team has never been an easy process, it requires multiple leadership skills and personal traits, as it consists of achieving the best results with the best method, and making sure that the whole team's satisfaction.

In our case, we have a malfunction of the agency's way of management, since employees are not
feeling comfortable in their work: from the overwork issue, the pressure, frustration, and stress
they're feeling, to the lack of trust and reliability of their managers... The reason why Laura should improve her leadership style and adopt new techniques to overcome this situation:
First of all, as an associate director, Laura should be a significant example of her subordinates, both her thoughts and behavior should reflect the leader's vision to the entire staff, including big goals and a significant vision. Second, communication skills are crucial for a leader to maintain enthusiasm, commitment and influence his team, it can be achieved through motivation, building trust, making influence, or any other leadership skills. Finally, the main skill Laura should acquire as a leader is a resilience and it consists of being flexible toward plans and having adaptability within unwanted circumstances, as well as embracing the change.

Returning back to Trust building, we can say it is the weakest spot in the entire organization, which is incredibly fatal, since the well-known entrepreneur and writer “Peter F. Drucker” once said: “Leadership is an achievement of trust”, meaning that without trust there is nothing left for the team or they are no longer a team, instead only a group of people. So, Laura should focus more on building trust between her and her members, and the way is through empowering managers and other workers of doing tasks independently, being transparent and honest while talking about any simple detail, respecting others, and serving them as long as she can, and finally showing appreciation toward their efforts, acknowledging them, and manifesting their success. 

However, If I can give Laura or any other manager some advice to improve their leadership skills, I would insist on creating a continuous desire for learning and growth, which means developing a mindset of daily learning about leadership could be a habit of reading about it or listening to podcasts about leadership concepts. 

Also, I would encourage them to make a list of their favorite successful leaders, and learn about their personal life, their success stories, their management methods… And the last piece of advice I can give them is to improve their personalities, including their health, mood, behaviors, personal skills… Because A team’s state is a mixture of multiple people’s states.

Finally, to achieve all of the mentioned leadership goals, -in my opinion-, the best leadership styles for Laura, based on her work nature are both the “servant style” and “visionary style”, since Laura’s organization is a non-profit agency, which means their main goal is to help people and serve them.

And the reason for the visionary style is the fact that the work atmosphere is that agency needs more motivation and inspiration, which is the main duty of Laura as a leader.

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