Should women financially support their spouses ?

Getting married is becoming more and more complicated, with the continuous needs of the 21 st century and the demanding world we live in... However, one of the most reasons behind these social changes is the work of women, especially after the industrial era caused by the 1st and the 2nd world wars, so the social rules have been changed, and women can now work as well as men, and the question of who will spend money on the family begun now very frequent.

In this artcile, we'll try to answer this delama of if women should financially support their spouses, based on facts and our reality. Hope you like it and share your thoughts with us.

First, both men and women are required to spend on the family and support the children

Spending on the family is also the duty of the woman, in fact: financial disputes and marital infidelity come at the top of the reasons that lead couples to divorce.

Arranging material matters is still a complicated topic for most couples, despite its ease. I think that the reason for the complexity is not in the laxity in taking practical steps by the concerned people to solve this obstacle, but in the culture and environment that embraces it.

Most of the husbands were brought up on the necessity of financially taking care of the family and providing all its necessities and needs without relying on the woman. Most of the women were brought up that the material issue is a masculine affair, and that the man is entrusted with taking care of them as a prophetic mandate, “Men are the guardians of women,” and when this rule is abnormal or disrupted for any reason, problems occur, specifically when the man demands the woman to participate in the expenses, or depends on it completely. in that.

A woman does not accept in any way a man who does not fulfill his financial obligation towards her or his family, even in the presence of force majeure circumstances that temporarily prevent this.

woman and man financial life

Many cases in the Us and the western world in general, prove that many marriages fail and fall apart due to the man’s lack of money and the woman’s failure to fill this gap despite her ability to do so, because she considers herself not concerned with this aspect, and there are those who go to the extent of refusing to spend from her money under any circumstances.

Some men also refuse to have a woman support them because they believe that this is an insult and an insult to their dignity, and when circumstances push them towards such a reality, they prefer withdrawing from married life rather than accepting it. Arranging material matters between spouses begins with changing all these misconceptions about guardianship between spouses and all the intellectual repercussions that result from them.

A woman who demands equality, freedom, and independence will not reach any of these goals unless she is freed from the idea of ​​maintenance and from her financial dependence on men. Above all, it must realize that equality of rights is matched by equality of duties. A man who refuses to be supported by a woman consciously or unconsciously obstructs the approach to equality and women's access to their rights.

Both men and women are required to spend on the family and support the children on an equal basis whenever they have the opportunity to do so, and the sense of this responsibility must be shared between them.

The man’s acceptance of the woman as his material partner makes the authority equally distributed between them, as there is no material hierarchy that results in a gender hierarchy within the family, which instills in the children the idea of ​​male superiority and grants the father extraordinary powers as the master of the house and the breadwinner. On the other hand, the woman must give up placing herself in a position of voluntary dependency by refraining from spending her money and leaving the entire financial management to the man.

A woman who has an income must spend the same as a man on equal terms. In Western cultures, the spouses open a joint account for the expenses of the house and the children, who transfer the same amount to it monthly, and a joint account to save for the future, and what remains to be spent by each of them on their own needs.

I still do not understand how, while we are on this level of awareness and progress, there are men who refuse to have their wives spend on them or women who refuse to spend from their money because the man is concerned with that. Whoever thinks in this way does not have the right to talk about equality, rights, and freedoms.

Owning money is possessing power and decision-making, and it is an old capitalist base as it is known, and some men’s rejection of it is a refusal to “empower” women with this material power, for fear of a revolution in the balance of power.

And finally all we can say it that it is well known that marital life should be based on understanding and cooperation between spouses so that they help each other, especially with regard to taking care of children and taking care of them and upholding their good upbringing and education.

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