Is it Really About our Fate to Lose or Our Will to Fail ?

 Let me tell you something... Have you ever tried so hard until it felt painful, you can't afford it anymore and you can't make an effort anymore, But ... you failed at the end after all what you've done...? I know you've gone through this failure experience before, and you surely know how sour it feels.

our will to fail or our fate to lose

Such life lessons are so hard and they make a huge impact on each individual's life until you began to doubt yourself and your potential... I know... you become so frustrated and life doesn't have any meaning, since you gave the project/goal or anything all your time, dedication, and everything. 

At a specific phrase, you must have gone through a lot of questions about failure, success, self-confidence... For example, today's question: "is it really about our fate to lose or about our will to fail ?", which means is failure inevitable for us no matter how hard we try and no matter we hustle to change our fate, or simply we have all the possible ways to make a success story on our lives and what stops us is our laziness and  procrastination... which means: our decisions.

What I will try to tell you through this article is to stop worrying about your misfortune and if you think you are unlucky, don't overthink about how unlucky you are and don't curse your own luck and your own life, simply because, you already have the mindset to succeed as well as the determination to achieve it. As we say, if you believe you can do it, you are halfway there, so, relax a little bit, take a deep breath, re-think about yourself a little bit, about what worked and what didn't then restart. You should start first by understanding how success works and how it is achieved.

Just read carefully the next lines and focus on them, it will make a huge impact on your perception of success: success could never be achieved on your first time! and it is not as equal as a failure, of course, we know it is way better and greater, but they are not two sides from the same coin, let's explain it better: let's say you've opened your first coffee shop and you completed all the procedures, now you are waiting for clients and orders. Believe me, you will fail at a 100 percent rate, I'm not trying to disappoint you, but this is life and this is how it's done, why??

 Simply because success doesn't work like that, success is a mixture of a lot of failures and bad life experiments, you must fail once, then fail, then fail multiple times before you figure out what really makes it work and what doesn't, it is a complex twisted road, where failures are the main stations where you stop a little bit then go to a new type of failure, before arriving to the final path which is a success.

So, no matter how hard you try and whatever you do to avoid failure, you will fail and taste it a few times before you succeed, so there is nothing called my luck is bad or failure is imposed on me no matter what I do... There is only what am I ready to sacrifice to succeed, and how much am I dedicated to achieve something, So It is all about your will and how much you are stubborn to have what you want.

So fight for your dreams king👑and set you're passion ablaze🔥, and don't let life obstacles disappoint you, cuz you're not alone, and you're able to have what you want. That's all what I wanted you to read, I was sharing with you some of my won life phases, hope you learned something as I wish you enjoyed it!💪


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