7 Deadly Effects of Video Games on Our Minds & Life

 Nobody can deny how powerful is the impact of video games and electronic games on our society, lifestyle and brains, especially on children, youth and adolescents. In fact, Video games appeared more than 30 years ago, and at that time they were meant as simple tools of entertainment based on animation. However, they achieved great success due to their continuous development and technology innovation.

As the years progressed, these games became closer to the real world due to simulation, interaction, visual, sound and kinetic impact, in addition to the diversity of the offered games that attracted many to them to the point of addiction, and many games caused great psychological damage, including What is inspired by conflicts and wars to leave a psychological impact and bad aggressive behavior in children and adolescents.

Electronic games Effects and Dangers

1- Lack of movement and obesity

It is obvious how sitting for long hours in front of screens playing video games can lead to obesity resulting from lack of movement, and the danger is not only on the physical level only, it affects as well the player's psychology and mood to prevent him from going out and discovering the real world's adventure. In fact what makes video games dangerous is the fact that they only offer virtual adventure which tricks the brain that it is a real real adventure, and leads to dopamine levels disbalances...

2- Curvature of the spine

Due to sitting for long hours in a certain unhealthy position focusing on these games, many physical damages can occur such as curvature of the spine and pain in the neck, in addition to shoulders. That's why it is recommended to adjust the sitting position for every 15 minutes and move sometimes when playing video games, or maybe if it is possible, buy a specific types of gaming chairs that help players adjust their posture and give them a comfortable way of sitting, since sitting for long periods and not moving leads to weakening muscles and joints significantly, which can cause a lot of pain and money later...

3- Eyestrain

Because of the intense amount of focus and looking all the time at the screen with the blue light, these games could cause straining the eyes, which may affect long-term damage such as myopia or deviation. The good news here is that you can buy some blue light blocking glasses, that help reducing the amount of harmful light that penetrate our eyes and therefore, it makes your eyes more relaxed.

4- Autism in children

One of the most negative aspects of video games is the child’s isolation and the possibility of him being diagnosed with autism because of his isolation from the surrounding world and thinking only about these games, especially if he plays horror games or videogames with violence scenes whether in his PlayStation/computer/phone...

5- Addiction

Addiction is one of the most common negatives of these games, as it steals time and leads to failure to perform social and daily tasks. As it leaves an aggressive behavioral impact and incites violence,where some electronic games depend on violence and aggressive practices that are closer to virtual reality, such as the PUBG, and this aspect may affect the person who is addicted to these games, especially children, and they have a bad psychological impact and develop a sense of aggression and acts of violence in them.

6- Insomnia and trouble sleeping

Exposure to screens that display electronic games may cause sleep problems, as viewing them day and night may contribute to the formation of images in the form of nightmares.

7- Problems with attention and concentration

Electronic games, especially those with high-speed content (high FPS) , contribute to a lack of focus and attention deficit in addition to a decrease in memory ability, as studies have shown that children who play video games for more than two hours a day may be prone to problems related to attention and lack of focus.

Finally, We would like you to remember that our health is our treasure in this life, that's why we protect it and make it grow not perish, we should get rid of anything that destroys it such as bad habits, laziness, fast food... To ensure the continuous desire to self development and human flourishing. Thank you for reading!

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